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Light Studies / Digital Paintings

Light is an undoubted necessity of life. Without it, we would struggle to survive. Most commonly, light is observed from an exterior all-over source, or from a static, interior location. Rarely do we ever see light move throughout an environment. However, when looking at light in a dark, chaotic atmosphere, such as a rock concert, one will discover many new properties in a light source.

In this series of work, snapshots of abstract light are rendered in two different forms on the digital canvas; the first is a series of digital paintings that represent the snapshot in time, and the second is a short animation that illustrates the movement and atmospheric feel of the abstract lights (not currently shown). By using digital photography effects and a blank digital canvas, I have created abstract compositions using the motion and vividity of light. As a result, I hope that the viewer can not only see the intense luminous energy that a split second of light moving through the open air can create, but also feel a sense of what it is like to be immersed in such a dark, intense atmosphere.

This series was created in 2010-2011, and the final illustrations were printed on 21x28in glossy stock, and framed for my undergraduate thesis project. For inquiries about purchasing any print, please contact me directly.

Red - Sold
Blue - $425
Orange - $425
Gallery Shot
Pink - Sold
Indigo - Sold
Purple - $425
Gallery Shot
Gallery Shot with Video
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